• LPG and petrochemical gas carriers

Welcome to ViaMar AS

ViaMar is an independent shipping market analyst company based in Oslo. ViaMar offers clients in shipping, trading, and finance valuable analysis and advice on developments in the shipping markets. ViaMar’s continuous research on shipping supply and demand lays the ground for quarterly updated forecasts of earnings and ship values in the major shipping markets. Since 1996 ViaMar has given assistance to clients on timing important decisions most vital for the successful performance of their medium to long term business.

Strategic Market Research and Advice

ViaMar offers clients direct access to a unique blend of experienced analysts who have gained knowledge and accumulated insight by closely following the ups-and downs of international shipping since the 1970’s.  From experience gained in key positions held in the industry, we know the challenges our clients face. ViaMar’s knowledge is matched with leading edge techniques for analyzing and communicating market development and behavior. ViaMar’s assistance and advice is a contribution of great value to the decision making process on issues of paramount importance to the future success of our clients.

The Shipping Market Research and Advice is based on ViaMar’s continuous in-depth research into the short to medium term developments within the following market segments

  • LPG and petrochemical gas carriers
  • Crude oil and product tankers
  • Dry bulk carriers
  • Containerships
  • Shipvalues and investments