LPG and petrochemical gas carriers

The ViaMar LPG Shipping Market Outlook is a comprehensive analysis that covers all ship sizes in this market and incorporates the effects of all relevant cargo types. It is updated four times each year, with a forecasting horizon of 4-5 years.

The analysis includes the following elements:

  • Outlook for world economic growth and oil price development.
  • Supply developments: estimated future fleet developments, including scrapping, storage and shipbuilding activity for LPG ships.
  • Demand developments: estimated future seaborne trade of LPG, ammonia and the petrochemical gases ethylene, propylene, butadiene and VCM split on the various size segments.
  • The LPG fleet utilization rate for the various main size segments. From the utilization rates we derive ViaMar’s forecasts for earnings for each of the relevant ship types and sizes: P LPG 3.500 cbm, LPG/E 10.000 cbm, FR LPG 35.000 cbm and FR LPG 82.000 cbm.
  • Based on the findings of the ViaMar Asset Market Outlook, which incorporates all shipping markets effect on the commonly shared newbuilding market, we also develop forecasts of newbuilding prices and secondhand values for the main LPG ship types and sizes (see also Shipvalues and Investments)

For more information about the ViaMar LPG Shipping Market Outlook contact:

Reidar Sundvor, Managing Partner

Thomas Zwick, Senior Shipping Economist