• LPG and petrochemical gas carriers

ViaMar’s quarterly Market Outlooks are available.

April 21, 2021

Covering the four main markets:

  • Dry Bulk Market
  • Tanker Market
  • Container Market
  • LPG Market

With forecasts covering the period from 2021-2024 and the main drivers affecting the markets. The analysis provides forecasts for vessel earnings, secondhand values and newbuilding prices in each quarter leading up to end 2024 for standard vessel sizes. Find out how earnings and vessel prices will be affected by the new IMO decarbonization regulations coming up in 2023.

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ViaMar welcomes Erik Hovi to the team

January 4, 2021

Seeing interesting dynamics for shipping in 2021, ViaMar is excited to welcome Erik Hovi to the team as our newest Shipping Economist. Erik is joining us from Clarksons Platou Securities, where he worked as a financial analyst since 2016. He is well-acquainted with the shipping market, having covered equities in the tanker, bulker, gas, container and leasing sectors over the last years. Erik holds a master’s degree in Business from BI Norwegian Business School with a major in finance and will join ViaMar’s experienced analyst team with market research and business development, having a preliminary focus on the container space.

ViaMar is thrilled to add Erik’s experience and skills to our company to further strengthen our in-depth-research for the industry, assisting our clients navigate the complex shipping market.

We wish our clients a prosperous 2021 and look forward to continuing working together.


ViaMar’s Q4 2020 Market Outlooks available now

January 1, 2021

ViaMar’s Q4 2020 Market Outlooks are hot off the press and ready for presentation. The various market outlooks includes forecasts for earnings and ship value developments for the period 2021-2023. This includes:

ViaMar Dry Bulk Market Outlook
ViaMar Container Market Outlook
ViaMar Tanker Market Outlook
ViaMar LPG Shipping Market Outlook
ViaMar Asset Market Outlook

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Can VLGC rate recovery survive ‘firm’ fleet growth?

October 6, 2020

VesselsValue and ViaMar forecast bigger gas carriers taking a hit from lower US exports as new ships are delivered.

Bigger LPG carriers could struggle to maintain recent strong rates from the fourth quarter as fleet growth outstrips an upturn in trade.

But smaller sizes should remain stable, with some support coming from the ammonia business, according to UK valuation platform VesselsValue and Norwegian shipping research company ViaMar.

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ViaMar’s Q3 2020 Market Outlooks are available

October 2, 2020

A forward-looking analysis with forecasts for earnings and ship values in the various shipping segments:

  • Dry Bulk Market Outlook
  • Container Market Outlook
  • Tanker Market Outlook
  • LPG Market Outlook
  • Asset market Outlook

Based on an in-depth analysis of fundamental factors in the relevant market, the Market Outlook will position you for the best business strategy for both investments and chartering decisions in highly uncertain times. The analysis seeks to pinpoint turning points in the market and give a ‘helicopter view’ in a chaotic market. To help you make the right decisions at the right time and sharpen your company’s competitive edge, subscribe now!

We provide an in-depth analysis of where markets are headed through 2023, uncovering developments with respect to crucial issues;

  • How will newbuilding prices develop in the next 3-4 years? Is now the right time to place orders?
  • Where are secondhand values heading and what factors will determine their future direction? How should one position for optimal asset plays?
  • What is the expected earnings potential for standard vessel types? What chartering strategy should be adopted?
  • How will the Covid-19 pandemic impact future demand?
  • How will regulatory, technical and environmental uncertainties affect newbuilding activity?

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Dry Bulk Market Congestion Update

September 1, 2020

Estimated total congestion, based on excess demand, increased to a record high 65.5 Mdwt in August, a level not seen in data records dated back to 2005. Total congestion was 24 Mdwt higher than the same month last year and is now equivalent to 7.5% of the total dry bulk fleet, up from 6.1% last month.


Coronavirus: Shock to recovery for the Dry Bulk market

February 10, 2020

The Coronavirus and the expanded lockdown measures are expected to delay the restart of steel mills and construction sites in China, beyond the prolonged new year holiday. Travel restrictions and containment measures will lead to a scarcity of workers returning from holiday as logistical bottlenecks are to be expected at least through February. This will disrupt regional supply chains.

The impact of the Coronavirus is spreading globally as stock markets have tumbled, travel restrictions are implemented, airlines have cancelled flights and some countries have closed their borders or put in place quarantine policies. International companies in China have either halted or shut down operations or restricted employee travel. The likely effect on the Chinese economy and spillover effects globally will be more serious than that from the SARS outbreak. The Chinese economy has grown tremendously since then and has become a vital part of the intricate network of the world economy. Lower spending from Chinese tourists abroad will potentially also increase the global impact.


ViaMar speaking at the 14th LPG Trade Summit Athens

October 10, 2019

Mr. Reidar Sundvor will be giving a presentation at the 14th LPG Trade Summit in Athens 11.-13. November 2019.

How to Navigate Changing Circumstance

Overall, the LPG market continues to evolve until the additional export capacity is on-stream and additional petrochemical plants start up – the timing of both will significantly influence the balance of the market either way. New legislation (IMO2020) and political developments particularly in the Middle East, will of course be influential not only on supply/demand but on the price of propane vs butane. Freight should it remain at firmer levels will ultimately affect trading arbs and could play a key role for many market players as we head into 2020.

The title of Mr. Sundvors presentation is: LPG Shipping & Freight Market Development, and will be held on day 1 at 15:50.

ViaMar speaking at Argus Americas LPG Summit 2019, Houston

January 22, 2019

Bilderesultat for argus americas lpg summitMr. Reidar Sundvor, Managing Partner at ViaMar will present “Outlook for the VLGC shipping market” on Thursday 31, January, 2019 in Houston at the Argus Americas LPG Summit. Topics will include:

– LPG trading pattern developments
– How these changes will relate to expected fleet growth
– Overall earnings forecast for VLGCs





ViaMar speaking at the 13th ICIS World Olefins Conference

March 6, 2018

Mr. Reidar Sundvor will represent ViaMar at the 13th ICIS World Olefins Conference – taking place on 7th of March at the Hilton Diagonal Mar Barcelona, Spain.

• A closer look at the current outlook for shipping LPG and olefins.
• Changes in shipping costs and the consequences for the market.

Agenda for the conference is – Investing in the future: Assessing the implications of new capacity on the global olefins market

– After many years of discussion, the last quarter of 2017 will see new ethylene capacity coming on stream following a massive investment push in the US market. However, what will the consequences be of this new capacity on the global market and what implications will this have on future developments and investments in the region? With a second wave of US cracker expansion expected and with upcoming projects in the Middle East, is your business ready for what comes next?

– This event will once again bring together the global players from the olefins value chain to discuss the latest developments in the market and to ensure that you have all the necessary information and connections to drive your business forward.

ViaMar speaking at the 12th LPG Summit Dubai

October 22, 2017

Mr. Reidar Sundvor will be giving a presentation at the 12th LPG Summit in Dubai 23.-25.October 2017.

“Assessing Opportunities for Increased Demand & Global Trade”
The LPG market is currently in a period of transition; adapting to an environment of increasing supply, growing importance of the petrochemical markets, lower global price spreads and depressed freight rates.
Supply has increased in the last few years from both the US, as a result of Shale Gas exploration, as well as from the Middle East as players maintain global market share and production projects come to fruition.

The title of Mr. Sundvors presentation is: LPG Shipping: VLGC Market Outlook – Trade & Fleet Growth, Ship Value Development, and will be held on day 2 at 11:05.