• LPG and petrochemical gas carriers

ViaMar partners with VesselsValue

October 15, 2017

Since 2017, ViaMar has partnered with online valuation provider, VesselsValue Ltd (VV), to produce vessel specific Forecasted Market Values. Founded in 2011, VV works with over 350 global clients from their eight offices globally. VV provides confidential, daily, vessel specific values, a comprehensive database, vessel tracking, position list and trade information for Tankers, Bulkers, Containers, Gas Carriers and the Offshore sectors.

Visit VesselsValue for more information or to arrange a demonstration.

China coal output set to rise

October 16, 2016

ViaMar Wednesday October 5th, 2016

If wondering whether China still has policy traction, the Chinese coal market is the place to look. After the rather heavy handed 16% reduction in coal mine operating days in April, coal output has declined 9% so far this year, and imports are up 14%. So far culminating with an August surge to 26.6 million tons (Mt) imported, 319 million tons annual rate (MtAR). How long will it last? Will it last? Recent policy loosening is key – but a foggy one… It may not be Chinas fault, but there are some differing reports on the policy easing.


ViaMar 20 years in business

March 24, 2016

This month marks the 20th anniversary for ViaMar, as an independent shipping market analysis company!

We would like to thank our clients for their support and look forward to providing further market insight and advice in the years to come!

ViaMar speaking at ICIS 11th World Olefins Conference in Madrid

March 7, 2016

Mr. Reidar Sundvor will represent ViaMar at the 11th ICIS World Olefins Conference taking place on Tuesday 8th March in Madrid.

Overcapacity; low cost feedstock & price arbitrage: Generating opportunities amidst shifts in global trade. Discussions around this and other major issues shaping the international olefins markets will be addressed.

Mr. Sundvor will hold the presentation: The olefins industry: A logistics perspective.
• How has the shipping industry been impacted by the shift in the global petrochemical market due to low crude prices?
• Assessing the import/export flows of the most significant geographic regions
• Examining fleet growth: current and anticipated vessels to be delivered through 2017
• Outlook for new terminals being built to cater to the projections for overcapacity in the industry
• Will seaborne transportation give shale an advantage over crude oil?

When may we expect a charter market recovery for container vessels?

November 21, 2015

At present we view vintage container secondhand vessels, especially in the smaller segments, as fundamentally under priced. With the present strong consumer confidence and retail sales developments on both sides of the Atlantic and improving Eurozone manufacturing, container demand should pick up pace into 2016. The decent growth in North American containerized imports from Asia last year is most likely a preview of why one should expect stronger growth on the Asia/Europe trades in the future. Which again should bring with it gains in the Intra Asian and Intra Europe trades, feedering activity and demand in general. So despite the recent soft data on the Asia/Europe, and carry-over effects into 2016, we at ViaMar continue to believe that there are opportunities in the container market.

How the western consumption and industrial activity develops is key, as the US and EU are the TEU-mile drivers. A bumpy ride doesn’t necessarily change a trend. Market price indices both for container ship new orders and secondhand vessels still seem low when compared to historic levels.

Let us know if you are interested to learn more about our analysis and how this can assist you to improve your business.

ViaMar attended the Argus European LPG Markets 2013 as speaker

June 5, 2013

ViaMar attended the Argus European LPG Markets 2013 conference in London from June 6th-7th.
Reidar Sundvor presented: LPG Shipping – Current Challenges and Future Opportunities. This presentation discussed issues like:

• Shipping capacity; what to expect of fleet growth
• Demand growth; where will there be growth
• Rates and earnings; what to expect
• Ship values; is it time to invest?