• LPG and petrochemical gas carriers

ViaMar’s Q3 2020 Market Outlooks are available

A forward-looking analysis with forecasts for earnings and ship values in the various shipping segments:

  • Dry Bulk Market Outlook
  • Container Market Outlook
  • Tanker Market Outlook
  • LPG Market Outlook
  • Asset market Outlook

Based on an in-depth analysis of fundamental factors in the relevant market, the Market Outlook will position you for the best business strategy for both investments and chartering decisions in highly uncertain times. The analysis seeks to pinpoint turning points in the market and give a ‘helicopter view’ in a chaotic market. To help you make the right decisions at the right time and sharpen your company’s competitive edge, subscribe now!

We provide an in-depth analysis of where markets are headed through 2023, uncovering developments with respect to crucial issues;

  • How will newbuilding prices develop in the next 3-4 years? Is now the right time to place orders?
  • Where are secondhand values heading and what factors will determine their future direction? How should one position for optimal asset plays?
  • What is the expected earnings potential for standard vessel types? What chartering strategy should be adopted?
  • How will the Covid-19 pandemic impact future demand?
  • How will regulatory, technical and environmental uncertainties affect newbuilding activity?

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